Playlisted! Vibragun, "Dream Disintegrate"

Playlisted! Howler, "Don't Wanna"

Monday Reads

Nothing worse than Seattle springtime

KK greatest hits preorder now a thing that is happening

New Kirby Krackle True Detective single: "The Yellow King"

Maiden Monkees

Playlisted! The Blue Nile, "Sentimental Man"

Kirby Krackle + Happy Tree Friends, "Unlucky"

Weekend reading

Kirby Krackle covers "Everything Is Awesome" from the LEGO Movie, breaks internet

Playlisted! Cheatahs

Kracklefest 4 at ECCC tickets now on sale!

Weekend reading

Playlisted! Speedy Ortiz

Current status

Required watching: Jack Conte at XOXO

Back stateside

How Obamacare can help artists