Works in progress

In space no one can hear you squeeeee!

Cool digital coloring timelapse by Steve Hamaker

Alien: Isolation concept art by Callum Watt

This apartment built in Unreal Engine 4 is nicer than any I will ever live in

Mutate, Baby! The new album from Kirby Krackle is here!

Color Thief: create color palettes from images with JavaScript

How to Draw Clothes by Lora Innes

Unreal Engine 4 goes free

The future of games history is workplace theft

Meanwhile, on the internet...

Winter in Seattle is the worst

The End of Guitar Center

DAN HIPP — Ongoing personal resolution as interpreted by members of the Fellowship

Awesome classic creature FX are awesome

Ready For Rain

Pre-order the new Kirby Krackle album "Mutate, Baby!" (and free single)

American Horror Story: McDonald's Museum

The matte paintings of the original Star Wars trilogy and their creators

Stepping off the YouTube/Adsense merry-go-round