New single from EXPLONE: "Running Up That Hill"



RED MOON: new Halloween special comic at Neat Hobby!

KK plays Bungie's The Taken King party, doesn't die

Oh, NOW a stylus is cool...

One Year of Neat Hobby, or What I Learned From Starting A Webcomic In My Forties

Announcing: another new Kin to Stars single, "Better Things"

New Kin to Stars single, "First Day Of Summer"

Works in progress

In space no one can hear you squeeeee!

Cool digital coloring timelapse by Steve Hamaker

Alien: Isolation concept art by Callum Watt

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Mutate, Baby! The new album from Kirby Krackle is here!

Color Thief: create color palettes from images with JavaScript

How to Draw Clothes by Lora Innes

Unreal Engine 4 goes free

The future of games history is workplace theft

Meanwhile, on the internet...