Music Usage Policy

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This page should answer all your questions about using my songs in podcasts, film and other media. Got a question not covered here? Ask me!

Podcast Safe!

All of the audio files on are "podcast-safe." You're free to include them in your podcast or internet radio show as long as you abide by the terms set down in the Creative Commons nc-by-sa 2.5 license, which are summarized as:

The license applies only to songs I've written and/or own the copyright. It does not apply to audio files at other sites that I happen to link to (for example, other artists I think are cool).

The license provides no warranty of any kind. So exercise caution.

Please read the license summary completely before you begin using the songs.

In addition, please contact me first if you'd like to use my music in any project with a political or social campaign or concern.

Filesharing Safe, Too

Filesharing and P2P are here to stay, so the same terms that apply to podcasting and internet radio above also apply to filesharing. You're free to distribute my songs as audio files on your favorite P2P system. Please don't remove or change the ID3 tags on the files, as they contain links to my website.

Student and Amateur Films

The same terms that apply to podcasting and internet radio above also apply to student and amateur film projects. If you get lucky and land a big-money distribution deal, please contact me about commercial licensing (see below).

Commercial Licensing

If you're interested in using a song in a commercial work (TV, professional film, advertisements, for-profit broadcasting), please contact me and we'll work something out.