Scott Andrew - lo-fi acoustic pop superhero!

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You Promised / Whatever Happened To You / Gold Star (Feel Like A Ghost) / Love My Way / We Had A Good Thing / Note To Self

More Good Days / Holding Back/ You Are Loved / A New Year / Not The One / Weightless / Happy For Me / Have We Learned Anything / Save You From Yourself / At The Airport

Gravel Road Requiem / The Big Lie That Solves Everything / Brickyard Bend / Cast The Net Wide / 2 A.M. / Everything They Say

Valentines / Fall To Earth / Pushover / No Reservations / Dark Corners

One Sure Thing / Holding Back / In Harm's Way

Everything They Say (instrumental) | Cut The Wire (instrumental) | American Thing (instrumental) | Valentines (instrumental) | Up In The Air (instrumental) | Dark Corners (instrumental)

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