Like Church

Dan The ManI’m sitting about twelve feet from where Daniel Lanois is playing pedal steel. It’s like being at church. I’m the happiest guy alive right now.

Update: At one point, Lanois was standing about three or feet from me, leaning over to pass the mic to another attendee to take a question, and I thought: I can totally poke him in the ribs right now. Here’s this guy, this famous producer, and he’s worked with U2 and Peter Gabriel and Bob Dylan and produced some of the most important albums of the 80’s and 90’s albums that people will be talking about for years, the same way we talk about albums by Miles Davis and Johnny Cash, and he’s talking about passion and creativity and finding heroes and then growing and changing and leaving those heroes to find your own way, never once slipping into pretention or poetry or anything, and here I am, possibly the biggest fanboy in the world at that moment in time (perhaps never before and never again), and I’m thinking: I can totally poke him in the ribs right now. What?

Got pics, but Tantek got MPEGs. Damn.