Make It So

Yes, yes, yes. Shannon is planning a CD release, and is looking for donations to help fund the production. Let’s see, if everyone who downloaded Dreaming Of Violets in the past few months donated a dollar, Shannon would probably have more than enough to cover the studio time and pressing, and maybe even the artwork. So c’mon, dig under those seat cushions, gather up those nickels sitting in the bottoms of your unused drink holders in your car, and make it so.

I’m blogging this from the lobby of the new Austin Convention Center Extension (shh, there’s an open network on the ground floor near Exhibition Hall 4) where SXSW Music is now fully in the hiz-ouse. I just got back from a morning’s worth of “crash course” panels, which have been suprisingly good. I’ll probably post notes later for the musically inclined.

Hey, you know that hyperactive human beatbox guy from the Chili’s TV commercial? He sat right next to me in the Touring and Booking panel.