The Best Day Job Ever

The name of the font used on the cover of my record is called “Dirty Headline.” When I was rushing to get the CD package done, I kinda just grabbed a neat font without checking to see if the font was freeware or not. So in order to put things right, I searched DaFONT to find the author’s name, then googled him up. In doing so, I came across his main company site: Cumberland Games and Diversions. S. John Ross is crazy into paper-based role-playing games, and has done RPG design for such heavies as White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games and Wizards of the Coast.

“Dirty Headline” is indeed freeware (whew! and there are a number of other free fonts on the site), but I was totally geeking out over Ross’ HexPaper fonts, a font for RPGers that can be used to create hex paper, quad paper, and even isometric graphs for “angled view” dungeon maps. I don’t know why I find this so awesome. Oh wait, right, I’m a big nerd.

Ross also has oodles of Sparks font sets: TrueType font dingbats of trolls, goblins, robots and action space babes, suitable for printing paper miniatures. There’s even a pirate set! Pirates!

Overall, I really dig Ross’ site and its unabashed love of the paper RPG. There are far worse day jobs.

6 thoughts on “The Best Day Job Ever”

  1. Oh my god.. Those hex fonts are awesome. I wish we had them ‘back in the day’. It would have saved me a lot of time. I actually made my own hex graph paper once using a ruler and a felt-point pen – then had my mom make copies of it for me at her work. What a nerd I was.

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