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I missed it the first time around, but former World Cafe producer and new music business guru Joe Taylor has been playing a few of my songs of his new podcast, called TryTunes. If you’re a musician thinking about doing the whole music-as-life thing, you should be reading Joe’s blog.

Been trying to think of an easy way to track all the people who’ve included my stuff in their podcasts. Since most podcasters use some sort of popular blog software, it seems like we should be able to do this with Trackback, but I’m not sure how it’d work. Seems like a natural convergence.

Either way, if you’ve podcasted my music, let me know. I’d like to spread a little link-love. Here’s the few that I know of:

Wow, I feel like it’s 1998, I’ve just discovered the web and I’m linking to all my new friends! :)

4 thoughts on “Podcast Linkage”

  1. Scott,

    I could write a book on this subject but I’ll try to be brief. (In fact I think maybe I’m trying to leave too long of a comment so may try splitting it into sections.)

    Our agreement with artists has always been that we would not make their MP3s downloadable in discreet form at Whole Wheat Radio. We stream, we don’t provide (or encourage) downloads unless from the artist and with their permission.

    Podcasting (I prefer the term audio magazines) has forced a shift somewhat. We have done ‘mix’ magazines with one song from several artists. But recently I decided to go ahead and do 15-20 minute 3-4 song magazines focused on a single artist. I choose the artists carefully to make sure they are folks that (hopefully) understand we’re providing additional fans via a ‘teaser’ and not distributing their entire collection in MP3 form.

  2. As far as tracking, doing a search on your name in Bloglines et. al. would hopefully turn up hits in blog entries associated with a podcast. My blog entries associated with audio magazines list the artists (with links) who were played. A few other podcasters do this as well, but not the vast majority. It takes some manual work (or programming) and many budding casters are more interested in promoting themselves or whatever they’re talking about and less interested in promoting the artist or giving appropriate credit.

    Glad you’ve found some magazines that are conscientious about trying to do the right thing.

    BTW, there are many folks out there posting entire CDs in podcast form by RIAA/major artists and indies who I’m fairly certain are unaware and would likely not appreciate it. Subscribing to Blogdiggers MP3 audio feeds for a few days shows how often this is happening. Although these podcasts do give the artist exposure, I’m not sure that’s the intent of the poster. The feeling is more like “Here’s the entire CD so you don’t have to bother buying it or supporting the artist.”

    BTW, I enjoy your blog a lot because it gives a unique indie artist perspective and is well-written and fun to read.

  3. Steve: thanks!

    Jim: it sounds like you’ve found a good way to handle it. Frankly, the podcasters that do that extra bit of work to at least mention the artist are the ones that will thrive. There has to be, at the very least, minimum due diligence :)

    And I’m not surprised at all to hear that podcasting is being abused as you describe.

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