The Future is NOW

The small sublet house we’ve moved into sits in an earthen saddle on the side of a hill which is always soggy with rain. And we’ve endured a record-threatening 26 straight days of rain. In fact, it hasn’t stopped raining since we moved in. When the heat is off, the house gets _cold_, and a dank smell comes up from the drains. It feels a lot like a campground shower house at 5am in early spring.

With the heat on and a fire in the fireplace, it’s cozy enough. Otherwise, I call it the Swamp House.

Last weekend we finally had internet access restored to the Swamp House. Since we no longer qualify for fancypants DSL, we had to get cable internet. Which means we also had to get basic cable TV service for the first time in three years. And lo, my parents sent us a Tivo as a present a few weeks before (at which we chuckled at first — after all, we haven’t had cable TV in three years!). So where once we had aluminum rabbit ears, we now have a gigantic, broadband procrasti-tainment fun spigot.

It’s like we’ve been teleported ten years into the future! the present!

Which is just as well, because if there ever was an ideal time and place to park yourself in front of a 3-hour HGTV _Simply Quilts_ marathon, it’s mid-January in Seattle.

2 thoughts on “The Future is NOW”

  1. Dawnise says “tough luck on the Simply Quilts – it’s being canceled – so TiVo while you can…”



  2. Happy moving! Spent the four-day weekend moving into a house. A house. From an apartment. 1 bath to 3. 800 sq/ft to 1700 sq/ft plus a full basement where rock bands will practice loud and long. If the dank moldy smudge doesn’t invade their lungs and kill ’em, ’cause the heat didn’t work and the water heater didn’t work and the sump pump in the basement didn’t work, so it’s about as damp as a house here in the home of NorCal rivers can get.

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