MP3 enclosure testing

I’m experimenting with enclosures in my RSS feed. Isn’t that delightful?

I’m probably going to mess this up big time. Please let me know if this works, or breaks horribly.

To test everything, I’m setting “Pushover” free from the Demo Club for public consumption. I have to admit I wept a little when The Long Winters released a single off their new album with the same title. Whatever. Here we go.

Scott Andrew – Pushover (3:02)

Download “Pushover” (2.8MB)

(Later) Whoops, forgot to open comments on this post. Sorry!

(Even later) Yow. Something in my feed was causing Bloglines to grab my RSS feed every half-hour. Hopefully I fixed that. Apologies if you saw this post a zillion times.

(Much later) Dang it. I’ve removed the enclosure for now. Maybe that will stop Bloglines from grabbing this post so many !@$% times.

(Ridiculously late) OH FOR PETE’S SAKE.

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