CD release party details

As I mentioned earlier, I’m throwing a post-CD release party for Save You From Yourself this summer.

It’ll be at Egan’s Ballard Jam House on Friday, July 18th. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to attend (and why wouldn’t you? It’s going to rock), I highly recommend contacting Egan’s and reserve your seats in advance. Egan’s is a fancy little venue and seating is limited.

Other details are on my Tour page, but I’ll be announcing more stuff about the show as the date draws near.

One thought on “CD release party details”

  1. oddly enough, Egan’s isn’t taking reservations for this yet….or at least, that what the guy said when I called at 10pm on a friday…maybe 10pm on a friday is a poor choice of times to call.

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