Introducing: Car Trouble, my solo rock project

I’d like to introduce you to my newest musical thing: Car Trouble.

Listen to Car Trouble at Bandcamp

One day in September 2012, brain exploding from seeing Bob Mould perform at a nearby club for his Silver Age tour, I came home from work, grabbed my Telecaster and recorded a half-dozen rock riffs into Garageband. Three of them became complete songs, and these are those. Quickly recorded with first-draft lyrics and haphazardly mixed. RIYL 90s-era guitar-heavy pop like Sugar, The Posies, Matthew Sweet and early Foo Fighters, I guess?

I once told Megan that some artists think of their songs as their children, something to be nurtured and looked after once they’re out in the world. My songs are more like little demon imps always bugging me to finish them, distracting me from other things. Consider this an exorcism. Begone, spirits! Get out of here, I have work to do.

You can listen to all three tracks here.

June 23, 2014