Kirby Krackle fan club now at Patreon

Kyle has launched a Patreon campaign to help fund the creation of new Kirby Krackle music among other things. We hope you’ll check it out. It’s basically a subscription that lets you make a small donation every time we release something new. You’ll get new songs and other stuff from Kyle and the band before anyone else, and you’re less likely to miss out on stuff because we send it to you directly instead of announcing it on Facebook and praying that you notice it among all the other things that swamp your online life. It’s a nice little twist on crowdfunding that lets us raise a bit of cash, little by little.

Kirby Krackle had some great opportunities in the past few years, and I think as a result some people think we’re bigger than we actually are. People ask us things like: when is Kirby Krackle coming to the East coast? When are you coming to the UK and Europe? Can you bring the whole band to Australia next year? When is your next album coming out? Are you gonna be at SuperMegaAwesomeCon this year? We want to say yes to everything. But the truth is: it’s insanely expensive to put five people and all their gear in a van or on a plane. And while Kyle is always up for performing solo acoustic, I think in his heart he wants to bring the full rock show experience to as many people as he can. But too often we have to choose between recording the next album or traveling to shows.

We want to do both. We want to come to where you are! You can help make that happen by becoming a supporter. At the very least, you will get new music and a warm, self-satisfied feeling of superiority you can lord over your friends.

June 26, 2014