Car Trouble notes: “The Ride”

This is a song about riding motorcycles!

I’ve never been on a motorcycle and I likely never will. I don’t trust myself in anything that isn’t already a giant steel coffin on wheels and I certainly don’t trust anyone else to be cautious in their own giant steel coffins while I’m teetering exposed on two tires with bugs slamming against my faceplate. Yeah, nope, I decided just now that I’m never getting on a motorcycle.

That said, this song is about the romance of the ride, inspired by a bunch of memories and thoughts: seeing motorcycle clubs fill the roads in Wyoming and Utah in the summer; friends and coworkers who love their bikes; uh, too many episodes of Sons of Anarchy. RIP Opie. Anyway, the original guitar riff to this song was slower and I was calling it “The Road” because I knew it was going to be another traveling song. It was only after I sped it up that it started sounding like an engine roaring to life. Later, when I came up with the line always keep faith in the ride I knew I had a better title.

Other notes? There are something like eight vocal tracks stacked up, and it’s probably my second-favorite drum track I’ve ever played. It seems to be everyone’s favorite of the bunch so that’s cool.

Safe travels, y’all.

Rzeszow Poland-1

Above: a classic BMW bike in Rzeszow, Poland. Photo by Ola Pemberton.

July 14, 2014