The Kirby Krackle fan club Patreon campaign is really happening and YOU are making it happen

Kyle of Kirby Krackle

The Kirby Krackle Patreon campaign is rollin’ strong and we’re nearly halfway to our first milestone. If we hit $800 per song, all contributors get the entire KK catalog for free. All five studio albums plus our live album, delivered digitally. In addition to all the other stuff they’re already getting! Our deepest thanks to our supporters so far. Your inbox is gonna be SO full.

I forgot to mention this earlier! 10% of contributions are split between two charities: The Hero Initiative, which helps comic creators who need emergency medical aid or financial support, and Child’s Play, which purchases games and toys for hospitalized children. The more patrons we sign up, the more we can donate to these two great charities.

Check it out and become a patron!

July 8, 2014