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Scott Andrew (solo work)
Acoustic pop and folk rock stuff. Bandcamp · iTunes · Amazon. See also the Demo Club.

Explone (bassist, backing vox)
Cheap Trick + Hüsker Dü + Swervedriver = EXPLONE. iTunes · Amazon.

Kirby Krackle (bassist, backing vox)
High-precision nerd rock about comic books, video games and superhero girlfriends. Bandcamp · iTunes · Amazon.

Kin to Stars
Folk pop songwriting duo with Jerin Falkner, for fans of The Swell Season and The Weepies. Bandcamp.

Car Trouble
Loud guitar rock solo project in the vein of Husker Du and The Posies.

Other projects

Pet Rock Star^S
24-hour songwriting session for charity with Shannon Campbell for the 2003 Blogathon. Homepage. See also Dreaming of Violets.

The Walkingbirds
Acoustic duo project with Laurie Hallal of the legendary Cleveland band, the Waynes. One cassette-only release circa 1997. Listen!

Reality Twitch
90s alterna-rock trio from my OH college days, fusing the Police with Live and Soundgarden. Homepage. Formerly known as Anagram.