Holding Back


They’re gonna tell you
you’re gonna pay too high a price
and try to convince you
you’ve gotta play it safe this time
they’re gonna work you
they’re gonna try to wear you thin
they want to protect you
and leave you trapped inside your skin

Holding back and pretending not to be
want you want to be, want you want to be
Holding back and pretending not to be
want you want to be

Well you were the lone star
and they left you there where you fell
another distraction
another coin in the wishing well
they’re gonna ignore you
tell you to keep those thoughts inside
and then they’ll forget you
and you’ll always wonder if you even tried


We make the promise
to ourselves each night:
this time…this time…this time…

I wanna wake up
I wanna breath and clear my head
when I wanna lay down
and die here in my bed
I wanna take you
I wanna smile and set you free
I want to repay you
by showing you how you don’t have to be


4 thoughts on “Holding Back”

  1. Hey Scott

    I love this song (and a lot of my friends too now ;-)
    Could you just give me an idea of the main chords on the song? Not a tab, too much work for you I guess and I have trouble reading them (I know, I’m weird)
    Just the chords and I will find my way through it

    Thanks a lot!!


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