The Like Button Ruined the Internet

The Atlantic:

You don’t have to spend more than 10 minutes talking to a purveyor of content on the web to realize that the question keeping them up at night is how to improve the performance of their stories against some engagement metric. And it’s easy enough to see the logical consequence of this incentive: At the bottom of article pages on nearly every major content site is an “Around the Web” widget powered either by Outbrain or Taboola. These widgets are aggressively optimized for clicks. (People do, in fact, click on that stuff. I click on that stuff.) And you can see that it’s mostly sexy, sexist, and sensationalist garbage. The more you let engagement metrics drive editorial, the more your site will look like a Taboola widget. That’s the drain it all circles toward.

March 28, 2017

Introducing the Web Share API

From the Google Chrome team: a “simple API called Web Share that allows websites to invoke the native sharing capabilities of the host platform.”

March 27, 2017

Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers

Postlight engineer director Gina Trapani tries to make sense of the modern JavaScript landscape.

March 24, 2017

Pump Six and Other Stories, by Paolo Bacigalupi

(Amazon link) A collection of brain-melting short sci-fi stories from a polluted and impoverished future that is a lot less depressing than I just made it sound. This has been out since 2010 but I recently re-read the whole thing. RIYL Ted Chiang, et al.

March 23, 2017

Mare Internum (a webcomic)

Adventures beneath the surface of Mars, by Der-shing Helmer, author of The Meek, another webcomic I haven’t started in on yet. Helmer’s biology background makes for some interesting Martian fauna. Backed by me on Patreon.

March 22, 2017

DUST: sci-fi short films

An independent streaming channel featuring short science fiction films. Also on YouTube.

March 21, 2017

CSS Font Stack

Web-safe font stacks, complete with browser support. (Cue sound of designers weeping Helvetica support.)

March 20, 2017

The three reasons YouTubers keep imploding, from a YouTuber

A post-mortem on the PewDiePie fiasco. The always-on, always-producing YouTuber culture sounds exhausting.

March 17, 2017


A lightweight Unix CLI for automating tasks. Intended primarily for test automation but probably a useful replacement for the Linux-exclusive inotifywait. (Via)

March 16, 2017


Tons of free and paid HTML 5 templates to use and dissect.

March 15, 2017
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