CD release show approaching. Also, don’t go see Batman.

The Dark Knight, working on his solo albumHeigh-ho, just wanted to remind you Seattleites that my “Damn, I Shoulda Had A CD Release Show!” on July 18 is fast approaching. If you’re planning on coming (and I hope you are), make sure to call/email to reserve a table, or else you might be seated on the sidewalk.

It has also come to my attention that Batman: The Dark Knight opens that same evening. Let me just say that I myself CANNOT WAIT for this movie to get here, but nonetheless I compiled the following list of reasons why you should come to my show instead:

1. Unlike the new Batman film, which opens on hundreds of screens nationwide, my show is only being performed once! Ever!

2. Dennis the drummer is very nearly as sexy as Christian Bale, even without the leather bat suit. They even look like twins from a considerable distance!

3. The new Batman film has Maggie Gyllenhaal and she doesn’t sing a note! My show’s got Suzanne Picard on piano, and guest vocalists Alissa Jandt, Laurie K. Carlsson and Jerin Falkner. Four times the foxiness!

4) Heath Ledger. I — okay, fine, I got nothing here.

Um, and that’s all I could come up with on short notice. Anyway, my point is that Hollywood should totally check with me first before scheduling any summer blockbusters.

July 3, 2008