KK greatest hits preorder now a thing that is happening

Emerald City Comic Con is happening next week, which means the 4th annual Kracklefest nerd music concert is nearly upon us. Kirby Krackle, The Doubleclicks, Death*Star hip-hop and special guests. Get your tickets now. Now, I say!

This week we’re also announcing the impending arrival of Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1, a stupendous compendium (stupendium?) of the “best” KK songs as chosen by fans. It’s not just any old greatest hits collection, though. We’ve actually re-recorded the most popular songs from the first Kirby Krackle record with the full band. You’ll be able to hear favorites like “The Villain Song” and “Up Up Down Down” done correct like molten magma in your earholes.

Plus, there’s a new song. Pre-order Geekiest Hits today and you’ll get an immediate download of “When I Miss You,” only available on this album.

Kyle is slowly revealing the tracklist day by day. Follow Kirby Krackle on Twitter (yay!) or Facebook (ugh) to keep up.

March 20, 2014